What makes a WaterFurnace Geothermal heat pump system a no-brainer?

For starters, most of North Carolina is located in an area with ideal ground conditions for geothermal installation. We've also have the kind of seasonal temperature extremes that let a WaterFurnace system display its year-round comfort capabilities while keeping money in your pockets and out of the hands of the Electric Companies.

Recently “The Geothermal Guys” announced the “No Brainer” Deal offering up to 12 – months same as cash which allows you the option to take advantage of the tax credits before paying off your investment.  With a deal like that, everyone should own a WaterFurnace Geothermal heat pump system.

“It’s just a no-brainer”.


Just say you are in the market for a 3 – Ton Heat Pump System.  You could either invest $8,500.0 in a traditional High Efficiency Heat Pump or invest in a 3 – Ton WaterFurnace heat pump system that is an initial investment of approximately $24,000.00 with an after tax investment of only $8,400.00.

Let’s see, for one hundred dollars less you will have the most efficient heating & air conditioning system available on the market today, much lower utility bills, unmatched comfort and the system that makes as much noise as the average refrigerator.

“It’s just a no-brainer”.


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